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Hotel Location

The hotel “King David” is located in the very heart of a cultural and entertaining life of the Old Tbilisi, on the D.Aghmashenebeli Avenue. You will have an opportunity to admire the architectural specimen of the 18-19 centuries, enjoy your coffee in a quiet café and visit elite Apparel and Accessory Stores. All hotel windows have the view on the Aghmashenebeli Avenue. The street has recently been restored; it has revived and has begun to sparkle with colors.

The Marjanishvili district, where the Aghmashenebeli Avenue is located, was considered a cultural center of the Old Tbilisi as far back as tsarist times. The ancient pavements and buildings along with the contemporary entertaining establishments create a fortunate fusion of national colour and European style. Therefore, the Marjanishvili district remains a favorite place for all coming tourists.

In a five-minute walk from the hotel “King David ” there is a well-known Georgian Drama Theatre named after K. Marjanishvili. The Youth Theatre (Theatre for Young People) is even closer. There are numerous cafes and restaurants that offer Georgian national, Eastern and European cuisines on the Aghmashenebeli Avenue. This is another reason why tourists are fond of this place. There are many banks and ATMs near the hotel. It is worth noting that our hotel is located in a few minutes of walk from the metro station Marjanishvili and near to the Tbilisi Central Railway Station. There is MacDonald’s opposite to our hotel for those who are keen on fast food. It will take you 15 minutes to reach the so-called “Dry Bridge”, where souvenir shops are exhibiting ancient Georgian household goods, folk instruments and beautiful crockery. You can walk down the stairs to the Vernisage, where you can enjoy the paintings of Georgian artists. We strongly advise you to drop in at a famous Puppet Show of Rezo Gabriadze along Baratashvili Street. On the Freedom Square you will meet recently discovered ancient ruins of a fortified wall as well as the sculpture of the St. George the Victorious – the patron saint of Georgia. And here you come out to the central Rustaveli Avenue, which plays an important role in the cultural, architectural and commercial spheres of the Old Tbilisi. There are Opera and Ballet Theatre, National Museum of Georgia, the House of Government and many others on the Rustaveli Avenue. It seems that one will need much time to see all these sights. However, it’s only 30 minutes on foot and 5 minutes by car from our hotel to the Rustaveli Avenue.

You will have a comfortable room in the contemporary European style, well-equipped bathroom, brand-new furniture, upholstered floor, technical equipment and highly qualified staff at your disposal. The hotel possesses all things to create a cozy atmosphere for out visitors. The hotel “King David” operates 24 hours a day and is ready to receive a new guests. Georgian hospitality – European quality!

144 Agmashenebeli ave, Tbilisi, Georgia; E-mail: hotelkingdavid@yahoo.com
Tel.: (+995 577) 79 83 21; (+995 555) 76 11 36; (+995 32) 2 95 20 02; (+995 32) 2 95 20 32;